Stone Varnish

Afa Colour  Stone Varnish is a solvent and transparent water  repellent material that provides water repellency with a high penetration property.


 FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE: It is used for decorative brick, absorbing surfaces such as  aerated concrete for protection against atmospheric  influences.

APPLICATION: Afa Colour Stone Varnish should be applied without  thinned with spray, roller or brush until the surface becomes  saturated. Material should be applied at intervals of max. 4 hours, two or three times on very absorbent surfaces. Care should be taken not to bleed the paint on the surface. After application tools should be cleaned with thinner.


Ek bilgi

Cautions for Danger and Security

S2 Keep away from children.
S24/25 Avoid eye and skin contact.
S3/7/9 Keep it in a tightly closed container.


Containers tightly closed must be protected from  frost keep in a cool sheltred place.Best before 1 year.


15 Kg