Polyurethane Matte Paint

Afa Colour Polyurethane Matte Paint is a last coating paint with polyurethane  essence  and two components. It is waterproof and shockproof aganist drawing and impacts and chemical substances.It forms a hard and thick film.


APPLICATION AREA:It can be applied  over all kinds of wooden  and metal surface in furniture industry.

MIXING AMOUNT                                 

AFA  Poliurethane lusterless paint              4 part

AFA  Poliurethane  hardener                       1 part

The mixing amount should be measured according to the weight. Otherwise the drying may be delayed or softening in the  paint may Occur and  the chemical resistance of the paint can decrease.

THINNIG  :AFA Polyuretan luster last coating paint should  be mixed with hardener  at required level and thinned  with AFA Polyuretan thinner  for application viskosity. For pistol: 20ºC / dyn cup 4 -18sn 20 seconds. For curtain machine : 20ºC /dyn cup 4 :30-35 seconds

APPLICATION :The area  to be painted should be dry and clean. The paint should be mixed with hardener at required level and thinned with AFA Polyurethane Thinner for application viskosity. It should be applied on the surface which  is previously  prepared and  sanded with  emery for 2 or 3 coats in  intervals.If the invernal period exceeds one day the surface should be sanded with a  slight emery and then another coating shouldbe applied properly.

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Genaral Features

COLOUR                                                         :White (Colours are available according to orders)
BRIGHTNESS                                                :Glossy (25 gloss)± 2
SOLID SUBSTANCE                                     :65 % ± 2 (weight)
INTENSITY                                                     :1.25 gr / cm³ at (20ºC)

Coating Capacity

An area of  10-20 m²  in size can be painted by 1 lt paint.

Drying Duration

Touch drying :2-3 hours
Hard drying    : 24 hours