Solvent-Free Epoxy Coating

Solventless epoxy polyamide resin based, two component and glossy enamel resistant against chemical and physical effects.


APLICATION :2 Parts of paint  should be added  to 0,6 part  of hardener in terms of weight, and mixed thoroughly.This mixture should be consumed within 14-16 hours as it has a life span of about 14-16 hours and starts to jellify at the and of  the said period.

THINNER  :Solvent-Free Epoxy Coating should only be thinned  by using its Special thinner , AFA Epoxy Thinner.

DRYING PERIOD  :At 20ºC , Solvent-Free Epoxy Coating completes its surface  drying in 1.5-2 hours and becomes dry to the touch in 20-22 hours.The complete ossification period rendering the paint resistant  against  chemical effects is 6-7 days after  application.In order to accelerate  drying and ossification,the surface could be oven dried  for 1 hour at 80ºC.








Ek bilgi


All colours  in the Solvent-Free Epoxy Coating catalogue are available on order.




Depending  upon the colour , 50-60 % (Including the hardener)

Specific Gravity

Depending upon the colour, 1.10-1.32 gr/cc


1. Component: 12 Kg                                                                                                                     

2.Component: (Hardener) : 6 KG