Siloxan Impregnated Isolation

AFA COLOUR Siloxan Impregnated Isolation Acrylic is a copolymer resin and water based, one component, ready-to-use, elastic, water insulation product applied by brushing which is easily applicable to all surfaces.


FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE:It can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces, horizontal and vertical surfaces, smooth and curve roofs, terraces, balconies, pools and water tanks, groove, cornices and chimney edges as well as surface such as concrete, plaster, brick, zinc, galvanize and briquette.

APPLICATION: Siloxan Impregnated Isolation should be applied on moisture free, dry and clean surfaces. Surface where application will b performed on should be cleaned of any kind of oil, dirt, dust or loose areas which will restrain the product from adhering on surface. It is recommended to clean plaster and concrete surfaces with soapy warm water before application. Surfaces where application will be performed should have a slope which will no allow ponding.Gaps and holes in the surface should be filled with repair mortar. SiloxanImpregnated Isolation should be thinned by being diluted with water at the rate of 100% depending on the situation of surfac and one coat primer should be applied. The following two coats should be applied without thinning (Application should be performed as minimum two coats.) The second coat should be applied at a 90 angle to the first coat. Fibrated Sutut should be applied as stripes in horizontal and vertical joints. Sutu should be applied between +5 °C and +25°C especially in dry weathers. Application should not b performed in hard weather conditions such as rain, snow and freezing. Application surfaces should be protected against these weather conditions for at least 24 hours.

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Cautions For Danger And Security

S2 Keep away from children.
S 24/25 Avoid eye and skin contact.
S 3/7/9 Keep it in a tightly closed container.


Containers tightly closed must be protected from frost keep in a cool sheltred place. Best before1 year.


20 kg(A+B component)