Polyurethane Topcoat Varnish

Afa Colour Polyurethane Topcoat Varnish is a polyurethane based, two component glossy varnish.


FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE :High and long lasting gloss sheen. Resistant to detergents  and other home cleaning materials. It is easy to use. Applicable on all types of woods.

APPLICATION:POLYURETHANE TOPCOAT VARNISH  is mixed with hardener at the ratio %25. Then diluted with Polyurethane thinner for application viscosity. The product is applied as two  layers on surfaces previously prepared with polyurethane primers. The product allowed  in a dust free environment forms silky, smooth and slippery surface.

Ek bilgi

Coating Capacity

Apply it at a temperature of over +10 °C. Coating capacity is 7-8 m²/lt


Chemical Drying

24-72 hours.  

Cautions for Danger and Security

S2 Keep away from children.
S 24/25 Avoid eye and skin contact.
S 3/7/9  Keep it in a tightly closed container.


15 Kg


Containers tightly closed must be protected from frost keep in a cool sheltred place. Best before: 1 year