Epoxy Primer

AFA COLOUR Epoxy Primer is a two component, epoxy resin polyamid based paint.It adheres very well to the surface, could be applied in thick  coats as it contains plenty of solids and has a high resistance against chemical and  physical effects.


MIXTURE RATIOS: 3 parts of paint should be added to 0,6 part of hardener in terms of weight, and mixed thoroughly.This  mixture should be made to wait  for about 30 minutes before the application, and consumed with in 14-16 hours  as it has a  life span  of about 14-16 hour.

THINNER : AFA Epoxy Primer Paint  should  be only be thinned by using its special  thinner, AFA Epoxy Thinner.

APPLICATION METHOD : Surface Preparation:AFA Epoxy Primer belongs  to a group of  paints  that that could  be called as advanced  paint systems.A surface preparation much better than that  of other known paint systems is required to obtain  the superior qualities expected of the  said  advanced paint systems.For this  reason, impurities  such  as dirt, oil etc, on the surfaceshould  be thoroughly cleaned by  using  generally accepted surface cleaning  methods.Rust and rolling crust should be totally and completely removed.This is only possible through sand spraying.

APPLICATION: AFA Epoxy Primer  should immediately be applied  on Thoroughly prepared surfaces.The  second  coat  of AFA Epoxy Primer should be applied within a minimum  of 6  hours and  a  maximum of 1 day.The capacity of this system to have a superior resistant against chemical and physical effects depend  upon  the care  taken to prepare  the  surface and to ensure  that the total paint thickness  is not  below  100-200 microns.




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Techincal Features

COLOUR: White,Grey,Oxide Red.
DRYING PERIOD : At 20ºC AFA Epoxy Primer completes its surface drying in 1,5-2 hours and becomes dry to touch in 8-10 hours. The complete ossification period  rendering the paint resistant against chemical effects is 6-7 days.


AFA COLOUR Epoxy Primer should be applied at temperature above 50ºC .Ventilation  should  be available during applications contucted indoors. The paint  should not be used on surface with a temperature above   150ºC. Any  excess  paint  should  not be returned  to container.