Betonex Decorative Plaster

AFA COLOUR Betonex Decorative Plaster is a single component cement-based, decorative  facade coating, containing polymer additives.


FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE:Easily applied, provides perfect adhesion. Wavelike appearance in imperfect heat insulation system applications can be corrected and exterior facade paints can be applied on top of it. Aplication areas on top of interior and exterior facade plasters.

APPLICATION :The surfaces to be treated should never be damp, be thoroughly cleaned up of dirt, grease and swollen paints and be readied for last coating with AFA SILICONE OUTER SURFACE PRIMER, by filling cracks, large pits and uneven areas materials. Betonex White Decorative Plaster  is added to approximately 6 liters of clean water and mixed by a mixer with low speed or with a trowel, until there are no lumps. Prepared mortar should be left to mature for 5 minutes, then be mixed again before use. The mortar must be used within 1- 2 hours. It is resistant to weather conditions, It ensures respiration between surface and wall. Always apply it at a temperature of over +5 °C. Thanks to its silicone agent, it prevents the water droplets from outside from infusing into plaster.

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Cautions For Danger And Security

S2 Keep away from children.
S 24/25  Avoid eye and skin contact.
S 3/7/9  Keep it in a tightly closed container.


Containers tightly closed must be protected from frost keep in a cool sheltred place. Best before 1 year  


20 Kg Plastic Package