Acrylic 2K Paint

AFA COLOUR  Acrylic 2K Paint is based acrylic resin, double component and cold application paving asphalt paint.


FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE:It is single colour paint with two components which contains resin and makes chemical drying with its  polyisocyanate resin hardener and has high physical and  chemical resistance. The film thickness at the surface can be adjusted between 1 mm and 5 mm. Thanks to its high strength, it can keep its substantivity for a long period of time.It is consist of AFA COLOUR 2K Akrilik Hardenerr and Acrylic Thinner.

APPLICATION: The surfaces of application should never be damp, and should be thoroughly cleaned up of dirt, grease, old and swollen paints,Drying occurs by the chemical reaction taking place by blending powdery hardener to liquid road marking paint by the ratio of 1 – 2%. Therefore, application must be intiated within maximum 5-7 minutres after the hardener has been blended.


Ek bilgi

Cautions for Danger and Security

S2 Keep away from children.
S 24/25  Avoid eye and skin contact.
S 3/7/9  Keep it in a tightly closed container.
S 16 Keep away from flammable source ,do not  smoke.                        
S 51  Good aspriation condinations 
R 20/21/22  Aspiration, skin touch and swallow are dangerous.  
R 10 Flammable


Containers tightly closed must be protected from frost keep in a cool sheltred place Best before: 1 year.